Chicago Oct. 29, Seattle Dec. 2

Sticky Staff - The Ultimate Program
for Hiring and RETAINING
Outstanding Employeees

Finding and Keeping Staff is the Most Important Issue for Cleaning Business Owners this Year!

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Why Signup for this Workshop?

  • Get Greater Focus to the Most Important, and Most Costly Issue that Your Business Faces Today!

  • Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

  • Extinguish Your Burnout!  Get Motivated in this High Energy Live Class

  • Invest in Yourself and Your Business will Forever Be Better

  • Get more out of 1 day then you have in the last 12 months of tearing your hair out.

  • Have Fun!

  • Get Loads of Valuable Takeaways

  • Experience Training Exercises you can replicate in your own business

  • Learn how to Double or even Triple your profits by Elevating your staff

  • Proven Techniques that can be implemented QUICKLY for your company.


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1-Day Workshop Agenda

  1. Understanding What Makes Employees Love Working For You!
    1. Why Employee Turnover is Killing Your Business
    2. Trends and Predictions for the Thorny, Complicated and Changeable Labor Market
    3. How to be “Staff STICKY” – Secrets to Attracting and Keeping the Best Talent
    4. How your company can profit from “Growth Mindset”
    5. Pros and Cons of Employee Empowerment
  2. Winning Staff Compensation and Performance Strategies – Compensation, Metrics and all things numbers
    1. What is the best pay system for the cleaning industry including plug-play examples
    2. Stack-Ranking, Numerical Ranking, Objective Based, 360-Degree Appraisal, Critical Incidents…Which Kind of Performance Evaluation is Right for Your company?
    3. Take-Home house cleaning business performance evaluation
    4. Step-By-Step instructions for your winning Pay-For-Performance System
    5. Utilize SharpChip Compensation Calculator and career advancement tools
  3. Best Practices Policies, Procedures, Manuals, Systems & Processes
    1. How to write effective policies and procedures
    2. 2016 Attendance Policy Checklist
    3. Finally get organized and stop the chaos with solid policy samples
    4. Overcome employee’s endless excuses by clearly laying out the Rules
  4. Mastering the Art of Motivation
    1. Learn what truly motivates employees
    2. 35 Ideas for Recognizing and Rewarding employees on a shoe string budget
    3. Take home free epic examples of staff contests and recognition programs
    4. Peek inside the Mind of the Motivated employee
  5. Recruiting and Hiring – How and Where to Find Your Winning Team
    1. The huge difference between recruiting and hiring
    2. Your Dream Team – Studs, Duds and Rising stars
    3. The Future of recruiting
    4. 3 Reasons Your Recruiting Process is Failing, and how to fix it
  6. How to Build an Effective Training Program that WORKS!
    1. 8 Signs your Field Staff Training Program is broken, and how to reinvent it easily
    2. Take home Housecleaning Train-the-Trainer tools, and a complete Training Program for your field employees ($295 Value)
    3. Participate in the best hands-on Training techniques
    4. Powerful orientation curriculum takeaway
  7. Leadership and Management Skills – Learn to Drive Your Team to the Highest Performance
    1. 5 Leadership Styles – Which one is right for you?
    2. Employee Discipline – What to do, what not to do, and how to get the best results
    3. The buzz on sting-free firing and terminations
    4. How to be an Effective Mentor
    5. The 7 most important traits every successful leader must have
    6. How to combat even the toughest of attitude problems
    7. 5 Steps to Taking Charge, and feeling in control
  8. Implementation Plan that will Change Your Business Forever
    1. We will give you only the most important information
    2. Cut to the chase and only implement proven techniques
    3. 6 Wise Ways to implement FAST
    4. 3 Key questions that make getting started simple

Dates and Locations

ONLINE Webinar, 6-Part Weekly Series, Starts 11/30/16

LIVE EVENT December 2,  2106   Seattle

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FREE Takeaways, Valuing over $500

  • Assessment and Action Plan
  • New Employee “Stick” tools
  • Staff evaluation System
  • Attendance Policy
  • Training Program
  • Employee Handbook
  • Train the Trainer Tools
  • Learn from actual Case Studies
  • Recordings of the Workshop

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